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What We Use

  • FigmaFigma
  • Next.jsNext.js
  • ReactReact
  • SvelteSvelte
  • Tailwind CSSTailwind CSS
  • VercelVercel
  • SupabaseSupabase
  • PostHogPostHog
  • SentrySentry

Some Of Our Work

The image is an advertisement for "HunchVue™," a virtual tech interviewing platform. The main focus is on a large screen display showing an interface with multiple coding tabs open, specifically showing Java code. There are additional features visible such as video conferencing, a diagram interface, and code compilation. To the right, there is text that highlights the platform's key features: Video Conferencing, a 35+ language compiler, whiteboarding, and playback, all combined in a design described as gorgeous. Additionally, there are smaller images of a female professional and text chat interfaces on the screen, emphasizing the interactive and multi-functional nature of the environment.

HunchVue: Developed for HireHunch

Hruthik (our founder) previously worked full time and built till version 3. He was brought back to help build their version 4 with a ton of new features.

Also, cleared a lot of technical debt to ship new features faster and safer through modular components.

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Avatar of Amit Kumar

To begin with I was hesitant to hire him, but we took a leap of faith and oh boy, he has exceeded all our expectations every time he got task in hand. Hruthik is a Prodigy and he has demonstrated it several times during his stint at HireHunch. Very efficient, fast coder, and a quick learner. Though he has started his career as Frontend Developer I see him a complete package, a fullstack professional. He is going to be more than an asset for any organisation/team he works for. I wish him all the very best for his future endeavour.

- Amit Kumar, CTO HireHunch
The image is a promotional graphic for Tads Education, focusing on career counseling and educational services. The main text, "Bringing You Closer To: Your Ideal Career, Your Dream College, Your Finest Personality," sets the theme of personal and professional development. Below this headline, a brief description states Tads Education's aim to inspire students with a passion for achievement and excellence. The graphic includes photographs of four happy and confident young students in different settings, suggesting diverse opportunities and success stories. There are also statistical highlights at the bottom, showcasing the reach of Tads Education with over 2300 students, 120 schools, and presence in 20 cities across 2 countries. There's a call-to-action button labeled "Get In Touch With Us."

Tads: Critical Issues fixed

They were facing many technical issues ranging from WordPress hacks to Unnecessary server bills. We migrated away from WordPress to Next.js with MDX driven website. Solved the SEO issues due to the hacks and brought them back to the top.

Also, gave a bit of design refresh.

Check out Tads
Avatar of Naman Jain

I'm so glad that we decided to go with Hruthik's development agency when our website crashed last minute. Most of our business is online and having struggled with more than 3 web developers who failed to help us, Hruthik and his team made sure that we have a seamless experience and a website running smoothly. His experience and expert knowledge with SEO helped us instantly gain ranks on search engines and revive all previous efforts lost due to bugs and errors in the last code. I'm sure to recommend him to anyone who is looking to scale their online presence.

- Naman Jain, Founder Tads Education

Our Products

Frontend Hire

Hruthik (our founder) observed huge gaps in the skill set of frontend developers and the expectations of the companies hiring them.

  • Sometimes, folks with less experience on paper were better at the job than those with more experience.
  • A lot of experienced folks have stagnated in their learning due to their work being repetitive and not challenging.
  • Companies, though, always want to hire folks with more experience on paper.

These are problems and we want to solve them with this product.

Check out Frontend Hire
Homepage of FrontendHire website, displaying a dark theme with a main headline 'Practice Core Frontend Skills For Interviews And Real World', subtext 'Make A Hiring Profile And Get Hired', and a 'Practice Now' button. The page lists benefits such as 'Free Access to Questions and Projects' and shows logos of various frontend technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Next.js, Vue.js, React, Svelte, and others.

Our Services

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  • Web Design & Development

    • Custom website and web application design and development tailored to your needs.
  • Team Augmentation

    • Join your existing team to accelerate development and meet project deadlines.
    • Provide leadership and mentorship to enhance your team's skills and productivity.
  • Technical Consultation

    • Offer technical advice and strategies on an hourly or daily basis.
  • SEO Services

    • Improve your online visibility and search engine ranking.
    • Book a call with us to get a free SEO audit.
  • WordPress Migration

    • Assist in migrating your website away from WordPress to a platform that better suits your needs.
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  • I found Hruthik Reddy to be exceptionally helpful and courteous. He adeptly addressed all my inquiries, leaving me with a clear understanding. I look forward to reconnecting with him in the future.

    - Murali Singh, Topmate Testimonial
  • This session was very helpful and insightful. He explained to me like he was explaining things to a baby and that made me understand exactly what he was talking about. Thank you for being so friendly!

    - Ope, Topmate Testimonial
  • Hruthik is truly an amazing guy and he is so damn helpful. He literally taught me how to set up a proper project. He would give the task and also guide me through it teaching the conventions and also making me apply it.

    The interview was supposed to be 45 min but he took it to 1 hr 40 min just to explain the points, give feedback and also making me feel comfortable. It was an incredible experience for me.

    - Mainak Mukherjee, Topmate Testimonial
  • This was really fruitful conversation. He answered all my queries clearly, shared lots of resources that are important for the interview prep. Thank you very much!

    - Sandeep Kumar Srivastava, Topmate Testimonial
  • Really grateful to meet Hruthik and gain valuable insights about studying abroad. He would dive deep to understand your queries and would then give you the best suggestion to you. Highly recommended to connect with him.

    - Ayush Govil, Topmate Testimonial
  • I liked giving this Mock Interview to Hruthik. He shared a very relevant feedback and well researched resources to rectify current gaps.

    - Tanuj Mittal, Topmate Testimonial
  • Informative. Like the way how he explained with clarity and keep check of the doubt from time to time.

    - Himanshu Shekhar, Topmate Testimonial
  • Loved the explanations, at regular intervals he emphasised on mistakes that are generally made and what should we do instead of that. And he had documented everything very well, so that we can go and refer after the session.

    - Vinayak, Topmate Testimonial
  • It was great having mock interview with Hruthik. He provides a blunt and constructive feedback that helps in identifying weak points during an interview. He shares good resources and suggests resume tips as well.

    - Nikhil, Topmate Testimonial
  • I was truly impressed by the abundance of valuable feedback, insightful approaches, well-crafted answers, and engaging discussions. He provided concise and constructive feedback, along with actionable takeaways. I highly recommend this experience!

    - Rajdeep Gupta, Topmate Testimonial
  • Hruthik is a very passionate and knowledgeable person. I enjoyed working with him. He has very deep knowledge of programming and design. Hruthik has a helping nature and I learnt a lot from him during our short tenure of working together, about React, Typescript, Redux, Scss and most importantly how to write better, efficient, and scalable code.

    Hruthik is able to excel in any technical skill due to his passion and quick learning nature. I recommend Hruthik for any software professional job and all the best for his future.

    - Suraj Bhan, Software Development Engineer | Founding Team HireHunch
  • We have worked together and I found Hruthik highly dedicated and skilled professional. He is always keen to explore new things and used to introduce the latest tech to the team(with so many pros in it than the ones we were already using in our projects). He's a great teammate to work with. I highly recommend him.

    - Sooraj Utsav Revankar, Software Developer at DLT Apps | PES University

Our Pricing

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  • Pause/Resume at any time
  • Full UI development support
  • Basic UI design support
  • Basic backend support
  • Interns available
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$3099 per month
  • We work just with you
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Full UI development support
  • Basic UI design support
  • Basic backend support
  • Interns available
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